Tierra Nua Plant Booster

Tierra Nua is an organic, vegan product suitable for all-purpose gardening to optimize the growth and health of your plants.

It creates favourable conditions for your plants to thrive without affecting the environment or your health


Experience the Tierra Nua effect on your plants

Healthy soil structure

A healthy soil structure is the basis of every healthy plant. A stable root system in combination with mycorrhiza and microorganisms improves the storage of nutrients and optimizes their uptake by the plant.

Improved growth

Microorganisms, micronutrients, fungi, mycorrhiza in Tierra Nua ensure that the plant is optimally supplied. This is reflected, among other things, in increased growth. It can be the case with fruit and vegetables that the harvest starts earlier.

Optimized metabolism

An optimal metabolism guarantees that the plant can supply itself with everything it needs at any time. Nutrients and minerals are stored and released again when needed. Improved water storage makes it easier to survive dry periods.

Naturally Healthier Plants

A plant that is well cared for all round is extremely robust and not susceptible to any diseases, fungal infestation or pests, even if the environmental conditions are temporarily less than optimal.

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